7 Best Nail Colors and Ideas For Manicure That Are Trending for Fall

Trendy Fall nail colors 2019

fall nail colors 2019

I know what you’re thinking  – fall manicures are just your average browns and dark purples, as basic as a PSL. But 2019 is the year that hit a record for a number of women in congress, brought bold hair clips back into style, and Lizzo won the VMAs – 2019 is all about making a statement, and fall is no exception. Stand out from a pumpkin spice sea of basics with the most stylish and 2019-Lacquires colours of the season.

One of the easiest ways to transition your look from summer to fall is to change up your nail colour. Whether you are looking for a classic shade for apple picking or a shocking shade for a spooky movie night (or if you want a nontoxic or natural nail lacquer!), we’ve rounded up the prettiest nail colours based on this year’s fall fashion trends.

  1. Navy Blue

This rich, creamy shade feels more like navy blue than cobalt blue or royal blue, which gives it a more sophisticated, grown-up vibe for the fall season. I’m all about wearing it with a navy blazer or blouse for a pretty work look.

  1. Neutrals

I feel like we can all agree that sheer neutrals are just kinda blah? So if you want to wear a neutral shade for fall but have your manicure really stand out too, paint on this sand-colored opaque nail polish from JINsoon. FYI: It looks best (aka streak-free and super shiny) if you layer on three ultrathin coats.

  1. Emerald Green


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This perennial shade will always be in style. Opt for darker hues with a green that will go with almost anything.

  1. Fuchsia

While bright pinks reigned during the summer, vintage variations rule this fall. Pair a mauve nail polish and lipstick for an on-trend matchy-matchy look.

  1. Gray

Love a rainy day? Match your mood to this cloudy color and curl up with a good book. So cozy!

  1. Gold Glitter

  1. Sugar Almonds

Try a colour as sweet as a favourite fall treat: roasted almonds. This sugared brown with a hint of red is an appetizing fall colour staple. File your nails into an almond shape to nail the look.

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