About the Blog


Se7en Cac🌵us it`s origin from a turkish language “Seven Kaktus” meaning “a cactus lover”.


The main idea of the blog name was brought up by BUKAH.


Simplicity is the way back to love. If you’re trying to find inspiration to purify your life and infuse it amorously, welcome home.


Over the past Six years, I wished to open a blog that will inspire everyone in the globe and provide unique information that everyone wishes to learn and acquire from variance sources.


By offering detailed in-depth features, Career Guides,Explore different Culture, Personal Development, Relationship guide, Se7en Cactus inspires everyone toward leading a well-rounded, financially sound, Healthy and stylish life.


Se7en Cactus is about simplifying your life and really living. Living with less creates time and house to find what really matters. Through decluttering, and specializing in the most effective things rather than all the items,you’ll be able to produce a life with additional savings and fewer no debt, additional healthand fewer stress, extra space and fewer stuff, and more joy with less obligation.


If you’re inundated and under-inspired, I know how you feel. I’ve been there. I’ve worked too hard, spent too much, and slept too little. I spent much of my life tired, full, stressed and sick. I always wanted more or thought I needed more to be happy, but I’ve changed my ways.


Be more of you. Give yourself all the house, time and love to remember who you are. Living with less clutter, busyness, stress and simplifying your life will help you make the room to do what you need to do. Simplifying my life gave me space, time, and love to be more me, and the following practices led me back.

About The Co-Founder


I’m Ahmed Al-amoody and started this website and wrote my new blog Se7en Cactus to share my story and help you discover the joy in less. I’ve been creating huge, and small changes to live my life on purpose. I am a biologist and a lichenologist. I am also interested in ın Technology and I have a few knowledge of computer engineering and coding. I love researching, reading, creating simple meals, watching Documentary and helping out. I conjointly like to travel, pay time on the beach and connect with like-hearted individuals.


I make stuff like it’s my job. In 2014 I launched Easy-House web application to help people search their desire rental and for sale house, land and etc.but due to bad plan and un proper preparation it fails.


If you’re new here, I invite you to browse the category you feel like ready to learn something from me, Still looking for more content? Subscribe to my monthly creative Blog, se7encactus.com.


Thank you so much for dropping by.



Whether you are searching for your dream job or a new city to call home, saving for a down payment, learn a certain topic or a ticket to travel the world or learning or speak another language, You need a bit of guidance, you want to be inspired.


We are se7en Cactus and This is for you.

Quotes From The Founder (Acknowledgment)


“For only one second, examine your life and see however good it’s. Stop trying to find subsequent secret door that’s attending to lead you to your world. Stop waiting. This is it: there’s nothing else. It’s here, and you’d higher conceive to relish it or you’re attending to be miserable where you go, for the rest of your life, forever.”-Lev Grossman


I want you to browse this journal knowing 2 things:


  • These are essays, not expectations.


  • These are suggestions, not standards.


I want you to consider yourself – your complicated, hopeful, curious self – and I want you to regard that self, protect that self, honor that self.


I want you to feel comfortable here. I want you to enjoy your time, and I want you to leave encouraged and rested and rejuvenated – ready to serve the ones you love in all of your daily complexities.


Do not lose yourself here.


We do not know each other, the two of us. This screen is not real life. If ever we tend to square measure lucky enough to move on the far side the pixels, I welcome it. (Head’s up: I’m a human.) And until then, regard me as a stranger, and take my words as such. Think of me as sanguine and spirited. Think of ME as somebody who exists on the far side her thoughts and concepts, someone who is often-failing, often-learning. Think of ME as ME, today, a host of contradiction and chaos in a static, searching body.


Regard ME as a straightforward, everyday human providing atiny low sliver of herself to an oversized chunk of humanity.


I promise to think of you the same.